Hypnotherapy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind; people are often surprised that they hear every word and could get up and walk out of the room at any moment. Unless you enter a deeper state, you may not seem any different, just very relaxed.
Most people are surprised at just how relaxing it is.

Reduce Stress / Anxiety – £120 per session or £ 300 for 3 sessions.

Weight Loss – £400 – this is done in four sessions, first session will take one and half hours

Prices Quit smoking is £250 – Most people quit after one session, however if a follow up is needed this is included in the price.

Your hypnotherapist will take detailed history and with some conditions may request permission from you to write to their doctor, to let them know you are having hypnotherapy.

They will then discuss you goal and what you would like to see or feel at the end of your sessions.

Using a range of different techniques your hypnotherapist will relax you, make you feel comfortable and work with you towards achieving your goal.

After a session you may feel uplifted, lighter and very relaxed. Often change is very subtle, as your hypnotherapist will be working with you subconscious mind, and you may just notice a very positive shift in how you are feeling.

Those suffering from medical conditions such as epilepsy or those with psychiatric conditions (for example, psychosis, personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, hysteria) should not engage in hypnotherapy. People with life-threatening diseases should consult their GP/doctor before using hypnotherapy.

People who are overweight often consciously know that they need to control their weight and yet they still feel drawn to eating unhealthily or eating too much. This is because their unconscious mind thinks differently, has learned this behaviour and keeps them doing what they’ve always done. Hypnotherapy deals with the unconscious mind and makes suggestions for healthy, lasting change.

Similarly, smokers often consciously want to stop smoking because of the health risks etc, yet they keep on smoking and just can’t seem to stop. This is because their more powerful, unconscious mind is in charge and continuing their old habits. Hypnotherapy tackles this unconscious behaviour.

People with phobias can often consciously think that they should not be afraid, yet whenever they are faced with the object of their phobia their unconscious fear kicks in and they react. Hypnotherapy deals with the causes of the fear as well as the symptoms and gradually builds confidence.

Hypnotherapy can also help with medical conditions where the illness or pain often has a psychological or emotional aspect to it. The mind and body are inextricably linked and our thoughts, behaviours, memories and emotions can have a direct effect on our body. Dealing with stress and anxiety can effectively help with healing and can reduce pain. Hypnotherapy is complementary to medicine and all medical conditions should be checked by a qualified medical practitioner before coming to a hypnotherapist. Do not stop taking any medication without consultation with your GP and do not self-diagnose.

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